Problem Driven Learning and Teaching LaboratoryProblem Driven Learning and Teaching LaboratoryProblem Driven Learning and Teaching Laboratory

Welcome to Problem Driven Learning

The problem-driven learning and teaching laboratory seeks to:

  1. Build knowledge on how to best educate engineering undergraduate and graduate students to take leadership roles in the healthcare industry

  2. Provide transformative models for all engineering programs transitioning to 21st century science and technology.

Problem-driven learning finds its roots in the problem driven movement in medical education that has sought to apprentice students early and often to the reasoning and problem solving strategies of clinical professional. In our laboratory, we develop new models of learning for the engineeirng profession, models that embrace integrative reasoning and problem solving across disciplinary domains but foregrounding the analytic and synthetic skills of the engineer.

The PDL classes and instructional labs have been developed in part through the support of the National Science Foundation grants DRL0106773 and DRL0411825 to Nancy J. Nersessian and Wendy C. Newstetter.